SEMI Joins TSMC Volunteer Association in Encouraging Support for Burn Victims

SEMI Joins TSMC Volunteer Association in Encouraging Support for Burn Victims

On the night of June 27th, a fire caused by the accidental explosion of colored powder injured more than 500 people at the Formosa Fun Coast Water Park, leaving hundreds critically burned -- many of them children.

The TSMC Volunteer Association has visited several hospitals to understand medical resource allocation and needs of the victims.  Accordingly, TSMC is donating pressure garments to help those with second to third degree burns, and pledges support for the victims’ recovery and rehabilitation over the next two to three years. More information from TSMC is available at the following link:

SEMI Taiwan President Terry Tsao said, "We wish speedy recovery to all the injured and invite companies in the semiconductor manufacturing supply chain to join us in helping TSMC and the TSMC Volunteer Association to alleviate suffering from this accident that has devastated many in our community."

Please consider supporting the cause and helping victims through a generous donation to the TSMC volunteer fund.

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July 9, 2015